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We have chosen and roasted our blends below, especially for you. You’ll find something for every coffee taste, and even for the right time of the day.

We have chosen and roasted our single variety coffees below, especially for you. George the Cat has even crafted his own blends which are completely unique to us, and now available to you. We’ve had phenomenal positive feedback about our own blends, so please tell us what you think too. Here you’ll find something for every coffee taste and even for the right time of the day. Click on the coffee of your choice, choose you bag size, order…. and we’ll deliver it to your door. Fresh too! Genius…. 



George the Cat’s Own Unique Blends

7 AM

Wake up, stretch out and pour yourself a coffee. Choose this coffee if you enjoy a day-inspiring kick in the morning.

12 PM

Take a moment to revitalise the senses with our midday coffee. The blend that keeps your mind and body prepared for whatever the day might throw your way. Our all-day blend.

6 PM

– The day is done and the night has begun. This is our deep and intense coffee blend, comprising of pure Arabica Beans. A luxuriously smooth, lasting coffee taste to compliment a dinner service and to take you through to bed.

If you’re not sure which one will be the right one for you, ask George by dropping us a line, or an email.